Halles de Nolay

  • Remarkable civil building
  • Listed or registered (CNMHS)
  • Covered market
  • Medieval
Place des Halles 21340 Nolay
Built in 1388, it is one of the oldest buildings of its type still standing in France. Its sturdy framework supports a four-sided roof covered in Burgundian lava or limestone slabs (600 to 800 kg per m2), in the heart of a historic centre forming a fine group of dwellings (15th to 17th century).

Guided tours for individuals and groups are organised every year (for more information, call the Tourist Office on 03 80 21 80 73).

For prices, please contact the tour operator directly.
Periodos de apertura
Del 2 enero 2024 al 31 diciembre 2024
Halles de Nolay
Place des Halles 21340 Nolay
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